Facilities and services

St Isidro Corporate Housing Mexico City

St Isidro Corporate Housing, St Isidro Corporate Housing Instalaciones

Hotel near the National Auditorium and Citibanamex Center.

Enjoy your events and concerts by staying with St Isidro Corporate Housing. We are located near the Auditorio Nacional y del Centro Citibanamex.


Get to know our gym so you can work out during the day in a way that best fits your habits and routine.

It is equipped with free weights, stationary bikes, universal weight machines and stair climbers, treadmills for a complete workout.


The restaurant at St Isidro Corporate Housing is magnificent at all times. Ideal after a long workday, we pamper you with the most delicious dishes from our international cuisine.


Our SPA is an excellent place to relax, it has a massage center, jacuzzi and steam room.


$39 / Per Day / Per Guest

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